Tamiya Japan – DB01 Druga



Available in Dec 1, 2007

The high performance which succeeds the gene of TRF501X

The high ended 4WD racing buggy, it is the electromotive radio control buggy assembly kit of the race/lace oriented which succeeds the gene of TRF501X. 4 wheel double wishbone which high efficiency adopts 2 belts 4WD, as for suspension TRF501X basically has similar geometry. The turn buckle is used for the upper arm, e.g., the damper pivot plural is arranged, wide setting efficiency could be given. Furthermore, inside compact front and back body ball diff. standard equipment. The tire installed the high density spike K which shows satisfactory grip power in the wide road surface.

DB01 chassis adoption of isometric 2 belts 4WD

The DB01 chassis which raises maintainability and the reliability of running 2 belts 4WD which arrange the spur gear on the center of the body, convert the drive belt front and back isometrically were adopted in addition to the travelling efficiency which is superior. It covers the spur gear and the driving belt with the resin part, it protects drive system from the small stone and the earth etc. of the thing concerning the off load. In addition, the maintainability where the front and back bulkhead decreased number of articles and is superior feature e.g., the frame part it unifies. In addition, as for bathtub frame fiberglass strengthening nylon resin make. Loading the RC mechanic and the travelling battery onto flat, actualizing center of gravity conversion low. In addition, to full flat it converts the form back and uses plate bis and smooths. The high skid effect is produced.



Underside TRF501X design to base. As for ロワアーム and front and back hub carrier of long span TRF501X and isomorphic condition. The steering wheel wiper adjusting to the skid angle of the front suspension arm, is the constitution where angle is attached.


Approximately the suspension mount to another part is converted, also adjustment in skid angle is possible by the fact that the spacer is put. In addition, wide setting is possible e.g., the upper 4 places and the ロワ 3 place it provides also the pivot of the CVA damper.


Arranging the spur gear in center, isometric conversion the drive belt front and back. In addition, it covers the drive part with the resin part, raises the reliability of running.

Basic specifications

  • – Total length 395mm
  • – full-width 248mm
  • – total height 157mm
  • – body weight 1075g
  • – wheel base = 280mm
  • – tread = F214mm R210mm
  • – tire width/diameter = F32/85mm R42/85mm
  • – frame = fiberglass strengthening nylon resin
  • – drive system = isometric 2 belt drives 4WD
  • – also diff. gear system F/R = ball diff.
  • – also damper = front and back CVA oil damper
  • – gear ratio = 8.13: 1 (23T) 11.00: 1 (17T)
  • – speed controller = ESC specification (selling separately)
  • – motor = RS540 type (selling separately)

Source : Tamiya

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