Team Losi – Intelligent LiPo Balance Charger, 1-5 Cells



* Charges 1- to 5-cell LiPo or Li-ion batteries
* Large 2-line backlit LCD display for easy operation
* Intelligent balance charging for increased battery life and performance
* Balance Connectors supplied for 2- to 5-cell balance charging
* Polarity protection to prevent damage to the charger
* Adjustable charge rate while in charge process from 0.1-5.0A
* Safety timer to adjust maximum charge time available (0–720 min)
* Capacity cut off available (100–9900mAh)

Product Specifications

  • Type:Intelligent Lithium Balance Charger
  • Input:DC 11-18V
  • # Cells:1-5
  • Charge Rate:0.1-5.0A
  • Battery Type:Lithium
  • LCD:Large 2-line with backlight

Source : Team Losi

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