NT1 & Ryan Lee South Korea National Champion 2007


It was first national championship for XRAY NT1 drivers in Korea, and turned out to be a highly-successful race for Team XRAY Korea. Although the XRAY NT1 was released not too long ago, it has been dominating many races in 2007 and thus was the most popular kit at 2007 Korea National Championship. A full 1/3 of the drivers were running an NT1 at this national championship kits.


It was Ryan Lee showcasing the race with his NT1 which was made only a week ago from the National Championship. It was also his debut race for 1/10 Gas Touring Championship. Ryan’s NT1 was the absolutely fastest car during the whole race. Koo Ki Bon’s NT1 was also one of the fastest during the race, and he dominated the first day taking 3rd position, but could not improve in the last qualifiers thus putting him in 6th position for qualifying.

Qualifying Result:

1. Choi Nak Sung
2. Ahn Hyun Ho
3. Ryan Lee XRAY NT1
4. Goo Sung Mo
5. Koo Ki Bon XRAY NT1
6. Choi Sung Won
7. Oh Young Taek
8. Jang Ji Whan
9. Hong Ki Yong
10. Kim Ki Yeul XRAY NT1


Korea National Final Result:

1. Ryan Lee XRAY NT1
2. Jang Ji Hwan
3. Kook Mu Sung
4. Choi Nak Sung
5. Woo Tae Sik
6. Koo Ki Bon XRAY NT1
7. Hong Jung Ho XRAY NT1

8. Kim Yen Chul
9. Ahn Hyun Ho
10. Goo Sung Mo
11. Park Young Hoon XRAY NT1
12. Kim Ki Yeul XRAY NT1

Full Report and Source from XRAY 

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