Tamiya Japan – XB Cayenne S Transsyberia 2007



Available in Dec 1, 2007

Severe rally reappearance

It leaves Moscow and Ulaanbaatar becomes goal Siberia, via the Gobi desert, severe rally of travel distance 6200km, it is the completion electromotive radio control car of the Porsche Cayenne S trance Siberia 2007 which was developed in order to participate to trance Siberia 2007. Super SUV, in the body of Cayenne S, the snorkel and the roof lamp, the spirit 悍 form which equips the rear wing reality fully model. The hollow rubber tire where tread pattern is cut was installed on the slit spoke wheel of unique design.

The controller bull the shaft 4WD chassis which can enjoy running

Adopting the chassis the shaft drive 4WD whose reliability is high. With the flight quality which it is easy to handle, the place where it runs to the off load from on load is not chosen. Approximately the diff. gear is built in to the direct vent system gear box, smooth cornering is produced. As for suspension 4 wheel double wishbone. Standard it equips the oil damper which is superior in shock absorptivity, installing the large diameter tire of diameter 90mm. It runs the off load which becomes rough dynamically. In addition, loading ESC ” Tamiya TEU-101BK” of the back attachment, smooth speed control is possible. Also the 7.2V battery and the charger being attached in addition to the transmitter of the wheel type which is suited for the operation of the car, it can enjoy running directly.

Basic specifications

  • – Total length =472mm
  • – the full-width =204mm
  • – total height =190mm
  • – gross load = approximately 1580g
  • – drive system = shaft drive full-time 4WD
  • – suspension = double wishbone 4 wheel independence
  • – tire width/diameter =33/90mm (front and back commonness)
  • – the RS-540 type motor attachment

Source : Tamiya

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