Masami Report on 2007 JMRCA 1/10 EP Expert Class


Translation :

[JMRCA electrical expert Super Class All Japan Touring Car Championship] November 16, 2007 (Friday) through the 18th (Sunday)

Yatabe Arena held in the year’s first major race of the All Japan Touring Car Championship’s new class “SUPAEKISUPATOKURASU” to go to war.

Super expert class, last year’s All Japan Championship class expert in the top 10 names and the overseas players to 10 people in addition to the selection committee passed 20 Total 40 only競WA class. Many leading players from overseas gathering, a heated race.

Qualifying first day of the third round exit at the top ofç«‹CHIMASHITA Ban Hiroshi is a slowdown in the second half of the third round in this year’s off-road two-wheel-drive class world champion Hayato Matsuzaki players TQ medals. Ban Hiroshi the final third from the grid start.

Ding-dong is strong in the finals of the German mark RAINATO players straight points in the second round to the third round eyes waiting for the winner decided. Ban Hiroshi ranked fifth.






Masami’s Report

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