MuchMore TC Championship 2007


Report from XRAY :

South Korea Team XRAY driver Goo Ki Bon – winner of Serpent Championship 2007, XRAY Challenge 2007, and Kyosho Championship 2007 – has now become the winner of the annual MuchMore TC Championship 2007 with his XRAY T2’007. It was the same track as the 1/10 Electric Touring Korea National Championship 2007, thus many Korea top drivers were very ready for this prestigious MuchMore TC Championship, making it the biggest race of 2007. Team XRAY driver Ryan Lee was the race announcer, which unfortunately meant that he did not participate in the race.


1. Nam Dong Woo
2. Goo Ki-Bon (XRAY T2’007)
3. Goo Sung Mo
4. Kim Gun Soo
5. Park Jin Woo


Muchmore TC Championship Final Results:
1. Goo Ki Bon (XRAY T2’007)
2. Nam Dong Woo
3. Kim Byung Whan
4. Kim Gun Soo
5. Park Jin Woo





Source : XRAY

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