ABC Hobby – Expert Discharger 10A EX/DS


Translation :

The power supply is unnecessary. New electrical discharge machine that enables 10A or less electrical discharge. Nicad and nickel metal hydride battery more than four cells (4.8V)?ForThe state of discharge can be in real time confirmed with the liquid crystal panel.

ï½¥Highly accurate sampling control with 12 bits CPU
ï½¥High revitalization conditioning of battery by curving linear electrical discharge *
ï½¥The discharge current and the electrical discharge end voltage can be changed.
ï½¥An abnormal high temperature is perceived with the temperature sensor and fan rotation
sensor and the safety mechanism that ends automatically is installed.
ï½¥The electrical discharge machine cooler fan with the rotation sensor is installed.
ï½¥The place is not chosen, and the person is not chosen as the beginner ‘Everyone
anywhere’ input unnecessary power supply it by an easy operation.
ï½¥Large-scale liquid crystal display with backlight
ï½¥The voltmeter function is installed. (voltage monitor function)
ï½¥Is it Wanigticripp and a battery?With the connection


What is curving the linear electrical discharge?
For instance, when electricity was discharged in a current electrical discharge machine when the straight packing battery of six cell 7.2V was set to 6.0V(1.0V a cell) in the cutting voltage and electricity was discharged by a constant current value, and the voltage of the battery reached 6V only, the electrical discharge had been ended. However, after the current value is lowered as the voltage of the battery approaches the set cutting voltage, and the state that became 6V that is a set value is maintained for a while, it ends in curving the linear electrical discharge. The effect of the memory of the battery can be removed by this method, and the effect of stabilizing the condition of each cell be expected.


Specification :

Discharge current
Correspondence battery
Number of correspondence cells
0.1A〜10.0A changeable
Nicad NiMH
Nicad NiMH 4〜12Cell(4.8V-14.4V)
LCD 2 line display(
W175mm x D145mm x H70mm
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