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It differed quite from current ‘Lightness’, and development started as ‘Lightness ..passing to the world..’ Vitts of Toyota.

To an important base for staring at the world strategy European market. It was a proposition from which it was imposed on Vitts to exceed the severe hurdle that this European market demanded. However, if it is not a hurdle of Namitaitei, and ‘Design’, ‘Performance’, ‘Economy’, ‘Safety’, the severest ‘Environmental standards’ in the world, and these all cannot be completely cleared, the success in European market is impossible.


Toyota bet the prestige to the 21st century and worked on the development of Vitts. far..drink..image..wipe out..European..compact..taste..include..engine..environment..side..consider..fuel cost..achievement..Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport..exhaust gas..recognition..acquisition.It is possible to say, there is lightness of the body, too and a comfortable running is achieved with the power of only 80ps/6000 rotation in respect of running. It dealt in the spec achieved at the level that all are high, and the lineup enhanced in addition was collected 1.0?1.5, 2WD, and 4WD by three doors five joining doors and engines and dealt with a wide clientele.

Vitts that records the smash hit thus at the same time as putting it on the market is a car of the year winning that is two years (1999 and 2000 year) more continuous. Vitts the second generation restyled in 2005(KSP90/SCP90 faction) is being sold now.

In the ABC hobby, the racing grade ‘Vitts RS’ of this founder Vitts is made a kit.
It runs energetically and externals are also cute. It was able to have been done that
loveliness and parentheses were suitable for ‘Little sports’ good.









Source : ABC Hobby

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