Hobbyland Berlin 2007


An unstoppable combination in TC Stock: Dennis Fadtke & Robitronic AVID

Berlin’s biggest Hobbyshow – the Hobbyland 2007– attracted ten-thousands of visitors and hundreds of touring-car-racers and the Robitronic AVID showed again it’s pure domination in a racing-class with handout limited motor-power

Especially when everybody is racing with almost the same motor-power, other skills of the driver and his car become more and more the decisive factor on the track. To have a chance, a car has to be ultra-efficient (to make the most of the limited motor-power…), extremely reliable (to win you have to finish first…!) and lightning quick in it’s handling on the track (a “lazy” car is permanently driving “long ways” and especially in a stock-class there is no other way to compensate for this…).



Source : Robitronic

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