MSC Challenge Exhibits at GAMES TOKYO


Drifters in the whole country won preliminary contests of various places, and the national athletic meeting of the MSC challenge concentrated on a temple was held. I was going to be both supports to this rally, to exhibit the booth in Yocomo, and to brighten up the event. Calm, cheerfulness, and a lot of those who came who had been given to fine weather visited the plaza in front of the Odaiba teleport in the hall though co-sponsored GAMES TOKYO and this event and booth exhibition were made only Saturday when the MSC challenge had been done.

A gorgeous personnel of a familiar professional drift driver, Mr. Oco study, Shincagaya Taniguchi, and Mr. Yasshisati Kazama became complete, and the hall also had improved heat to magazine DtoD with a light toque in the judge of the MSC challenge. The triple drift done afterwards was the looking bearing, and was the power full marks though drift with power in a single run of course. The glance of the drift fan was visited a lot hot of course for Yocomobus. It was an event that various demonstrations were done excluding Yocomobus, and motor sports are felt more familiar.










Source : Yokomo

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