Novarossi – 35 PLUS 21 LC “Cordoba Edition” Replica Engine


The newest engine that comes from our R&D team is a pure racing bred engine, and it is an exact replica of the engine that Collari used to win our 9th World Championship title with.

The 35 PLUS 21 LC “Cordoba Edition” has an all-new carburettor.
Made from a different kind of alloy and combined with the integrated cooling fins will it keep the temperature of the fuel down before it will enter the engine’s internals.
The cooling fins will also reduce the overall mass of the engine; this improves the performance of your 1:8 On-road racing car.


Next to the new carburettor we also have made a new look on the cooling head, to remember our victory in Cordoba.
The sun we used is very similair and reffering to the sun in the flag of Argentina.

As the new 35 PLUS 21 LC “Cordoba Edition” is a special engine, and we wanted to keep it special.
There are 999 pieces available until the end of December 2007.

Source : Novarossi

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