2007 JMRCA 1/10EP OFF-ROAD National Champion – 2WD Qualify Result


All-Japan championship also received Final Race in 2007 fiscal year of the JMRCA sponsoring. Electric off-road course in YATABE arena in newly established Ibaraki Prefecture Tsukuba city on November 30. The indoor course of 30m×18m was newly made back in a past course, and the Shilnippon championship became a scale drop further. It is a complete unknown course because it started building the course this week for which player. It was stuffed gradually comparatively as the preliminary contest was piled up, and I was able to ask the course layout for height at the level of the player who indeed participated in all-Japan championship once by designing the speed valuing in the practice though it was about 24 seconds.

The practice running and the preliminary contest race (It was a schedule the fourth round and a point system) of 2WD class were played at 9:00AM, and the following result was obtained at the rally first day.



p01.gif p02.gif

p03.gif p04.gif

p05.gif p06.gif

p07.gif p08.gif

Source : JMRCA

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