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Last weekend saw the first running of the Xceed Challenge Cup race in the Netherlands. Organised by new rc racing accessory company Xceed in association with the MACH Club the event was a huge success and for Serpent the two day event proved very fruitful as the S400 took all three places on the A Final Modified podium and also placed well on the A Final Stock podium.


Rob de Haas, the man responsible for Xceed and for putting together the Challenge Cup sent us this report from the event –

Report Xceed Challenge Cup ’07

Friday 23rd of November, 4.30 PM. With a car fully loaded with goody bags, store equipment and armed with a time schedule I managed to get myself at the indoor event location. Friday evening was reserved for pre-registration and free practice for the competitors of the Xceed Challenge Cup’07. As soon as the XES, Xceed Event Store, was settled the first guys came along too complete their registration.

For every competitor we created a goody bag, within an Xceed cap, body clips, poster and flyer and the goodies received from the sponsors. Included were the Xceed EP10 rubber tires for the 1/10th scale modified and stock class. Included for the 1/12th scale was the LRP-HPI Challenge 17turns motor. The guys who decided too use the free practice opportunity could test the tires and install their motor. In total 30 guys showed up for practice and the atmosphere was pretty fun already.

Saturday 24th of November, 7.45 AM. An early start, arriving 2 hours before the Xceed Challenge Cup would officially start. The contestant dribbled in one by one as we planned the official registration from 8 till 9 AM. The guys who already completed their registration on Friday had the opportunity to run some free practice laps before the controlled practices would start.

The available pit room was divided in two sections, cause we wanted for every driver to have his/her own spot to gear up the cars. The main section was situated in front of the course and the second section was situated in the room next to the track. The total competitors field consisted of 48 drivers after counting the final registrations. For the Xceed crew it was really nice too see that drivers from all over the country came too intend the event. Not only domestic drivers took the effort to compete but several international drivers from the UK, France, Germany and Austria showed up as well.


Rob Kuljper’s Pink S400

The 24th was used for controlled practice till 3.15 PM and around 3.30 PM the first 2 qualifications took place. One of the main goals for the XCC’07 event was to let every competitor run as many times possible. With 4 controlled practices and 2 qualifications the drivers had enough time too be well prepared for the final racing day on Sunday.

The drivers were divided in groups per class. For the 1/10th electric modified 4 groups, 1/10th electric stock 4 groups and for 1/12th electric stock 2 groups.
The controlled practice lap times turned out to be the base for the lap times for the first 2 qualifications. Only the best qualify counted for the a place in the final. After running 4 control practices and 2 qualifies it was time for a delicious buffet and a drift demonstration from the RCD guys. The cars looked spectacular when the lights went off. Its hard for these guys too run on carpet with long straight pieces of track. But most of them mastered the track and gave a spectacular demonstration.

Sunday morning 25th of November, 8.00 AM early start again. The drivers had the chance too do some free practice in the first two hours. The last 3 qualifiers would start around 9.30 AM and the actual finales started around 15.30.
1/12th driver Remy Moller had a great start on the first qualify on Sunday. And take notice that this was his first 1/12th scale race ever. With his CRC he performed really good, driver Rik Veenma took second place with his 10 year old Corally chassis and with Daan Schuuring and the rest of the field right behind him.

1/10th stock driver Arjan Wolters, pitched down his pole position in the last qualify run. This final promised to be an exciting one seeing that the top 8 drivers only had a 6 second difference.

1/10th modified one of the head classes in this event. With an awesome power produced by a 3.5 turn brushless motor and running with the new categorized battery packs this class became one of the fastest in the electric scene. Rob Janssen, team driver of Serpent, driving his S400 took his pole position back in the last heat while loosing it too Bjorn Prumper in the second heat of today’s qualify run. With an extraordinary time difference of only 11th hundred of second between Rob and Bjorn this final promised to be as good as the 1/12th.

The finals of the Xceed Challenge Cup were exhilarating with a lot of close racing in the 1/12th Stock final. This was one the best finals of this day. As Remy Moller performed really well on the qualifications on Saturday, Rik Veenma was dominating the finals on Sunday. With 3 wins in a row he won the Xceed Challenge Cup 1/12th.

Something else changed as well, drivers were more eager too exceed there own lap times and win the challenge cup. The driving on Saturday was pretty neat, no big crashes and everybody cleared the track for a fast driver. On Sunday the exhilaration of drivers was noticeable, more fanatic and therefore the level of quality racing went up. The track was packed with visitors and you could notice they really liked seeing the finals.
Xceed Challenge Cup 07
Final Results

A finale 1/12
1. Rick Veenma – 44
2. Daan Schuuring – 44
3. Remy Moller – 44

A Finale 19 T Stock
1. Jan Steeg v. – 29
2. Rob Kuijper – 28
3. Arjan Wolters – 28

A Finale 1/10 Modified
1. Rob Janssen – 31
2. Daniel Tomaschko – 30
3. Rene Cornella – 29
The Xceed Challenge Cup’07 was an overall successful racing weekend, with a lot of good driving and most important a lot of fun. We congratulate all the winners with the first, second and third place. And like to thank everyone racing.

The Xceed crew received a lot of positive feedback and drivers asking for the next date already. We like to thank our sponsors who made this event possible and hopefully seeing them again for the next Xceed Challenge Cup.



Best Bodyshell Winner

Source : Serpent

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