Tamiya Japan – XB Eclipse Advan SC430



Feelings are a super-GT drivers
In super-GT in 2007, it is completion and electric a radio control car of Icripsadoban SC430 to show the good fight by the samurai Tsuchiya and Oco study both players’ drives. Lexus SC430 of the luxury opening sports coupe reproduces the body greatly transformed so that it is not possible to think with the base in the round. A small door mirror and large-scale Riyauing tighten the detail. Moreover, coloring like the sponsor logoes etc. such as coloring, Icrips, and Adoban that distribute red and silver based on white is the finish of real car. In addition, racing slicks were installed in the wheel of 12 spoke design. The transmitter of the wheel type in addition to a finished body and the battery and the charger for running can be set, and it enjoy running at once.

Shaft 4WD and the TT-01 chassis ..Controlable.. are adopted
Shaft 4WD and the TT-01 chassis of low center of gravity and the good balance design that flatly installs the battery for the RC mechanism and running in the mainframe of the bathtub type are adopted. The control characteristic is demonstrated together with equipped Defgiya etc. four-wheel double wishbone suspension and back and forth Contororrabl without the peculiarity. Moreover, back and forth Susumu installed both ESC that a delicate speed control is possible. Moreover, easiness that reduces the adjustment part in addition to a light composition in which the resin parts are multiused to treat is a point. In addition, it enjoys that the performance improves when it is possible to become a control. The setting and the tune-up are also possible abundantly all together also of optional option parts.

Basic spec
– Total length 449mm
– full-width 191mm
– total height 115mm
– the wheel base = 257mm
– tire width/diameter = FR 27/67mm
– frame = bathtub type
– drive system = vertical ranging motor & shaft drive full-time 4WD
– diff. gear = front and back is attached 3 bevels
– steering wheel = 3 divided tie rod systems
– suspension = 4 wheel double wishbone
– the motor = 540 type motors,
– the speed controller = Tamiya TEU-101BK attachment

Source : Tamiya

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