STRAIGHT – Direct Driver Motor Driver


Ultimate motor checker equipped with a motor check function with high power and a variegated drive system and an actual combat break In function.

Features :

  • 50A in maximum output current
    High power drive of 9.0V in the maximum output voltage
  • Industry’s first fixed rotation drive and throttle drive to drive of motor
    besides general fixed voltage drive
  • The spark between the commutator and the brush is decreased with an original
    control circuit.
  • Useful “Direct start” for measurement of motor rushing into current
  • Not receiving influence of the outside with special RPM unit and stability
    measurement of high velocity revolution of rotation meter part
  • It is a functionality, storage, and a popular competition case.


RPM unit

The motor rotational speed is measured with the RPM unit.
With an unaffected sensor and a steady data measurement can be hoped for
from the outside.

Externals are the compact sizes suitable for the motor shape. Clamping and the base are the cutting finished goods of a solid duralumin.



Source : Straight Ltd

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