HB – D4 at 2007 JMRCA 1/10EP OFF-ROAD Japan National Champion

As for all the Japanese championships the Matsuzaki Hayato player preliminary round 2 rank, the Yoshioka player preliminary round 9 rank and 2 D4 challenged to A main decision and the Matsuzaki player 2 rank, ended with the final returns, the Yoshioka player 10 rank.
Borrowing this place to the people of the user participating in all the Japanese championships with people, and D4 supporting Team HB you say gratitude. Thank you.

Today we would like to introduce D4 which Team HB uses with all the Japanese championships.

Details differ depending upon each driver, but here the car and the setting point which I use are introduced.

First, this time the biggest modification point the slipper – is the clutchsystem.

It took a second look structure entirely,the slipper – it tried to be able to adjust effectiveness the slipper – withoutremoving the clutch.
Furthermore another feature mechanism is adopted.
As for details future. . . .(It pulls)


Nextis front casterblock

Caster block in caster angle of 7 degrees and 10 degrees has belonged to the kit.
Being to be many a thing which uses the caster angle of 10 degrees mainly it does, but this time furthermore caster blockof 13 degrees where caster angleis attached was used.
The aluminum with it starts shaving and, even at the time of anti- crash also durability has improved substantially without breaking.
You held down the steering wheel early reaction by the fact that caster angle was increased, you made the quality which bends securely to the cornering latter half.
Thiscaster block (13 degrees) it is sale schedule as an option part.
(As for the product there is a possibility of becoming modification such as color)


It takes a second look the structure of the shock case, being something which aims toward the operation which is stabilized it does.
Shock case administered special coating and gap running the whole distance characteristic became substantially good.
Because this new modelshock is sale schedule asshock set, it is the one item which we would like you to try even in the people of the user of the other car including the people of the existing D4 user.


Upper arm mount the front tested prototype

It set the position where upper arm than kit standard position becomes short and tested.
The camber change quantity became many by the fact that the upper arm becomes short, with the latest course was an effect which alleviates understeer.


Large Front Bumper

This time, it presented to the people of the user participating with D4 at the locale and used. As for the effect damage of the front suspension brace decreases substantially, becomes furthermore without either damage of the front bumper itself.
This time pasting the chassis protect seat in the front bumper, when landing it tried preventing the fact that the bumper is caught to the road surface.


The method of installing the front shock stay in order to prevent the damage of the front shock stay in both sides, seems that is spreading between the people of the user.
The plate washer was used as the item which furthermore does the Tips effectively.

The fact that this time you use isthe M3 plate washer of EDIT (the silver).
By the fact that the plate washer is used, it can lock securely in the area which is wider than the button screw. The plate washer of EDIT is color having been even, 5 colors (the cancer/gun the meta, purple, the blue, the lead-lead and the silver) may be to think that it is easy to use, the male.


Steering wheel Ackermann 1mm added the spacer.
When the spacer is increased, when cutting the steering wheel, being cut off angle of the tire outside becomes large. Because of this maneuverability of the corner and the like of small R was improved.


The kappa (1.2mm) you used リアスタビ.
The silver of kit standard (1.4mm) compared to there is no straddling the rear, but it reached the point to which this time the one whose リアスタビ is thin balance front and back is good, bends cornering with smoothly.


Buttom Protection

Source : HB Buggy Blog

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