Robitronic – Sealed Ball Bearings


Robitronic provides for the offroad section sealed ball bearings in standard sizes.

To minimize the attrition Robitronic offers now ceramic ball bearings with rubber gaskets.
All bearings are oiled for high rpm.
The 5x10x4mm ball bearings are ideal as clutch bearings.

Furthermore, there are now ceramic balls in the popular diameters of 2.4 mm and 3 mm. Packed on each 12-pack. Ideal for Ball diffs!

No. R18030 Ball bearings oiled (4 Pcs.) 5x10x4mm
No. R18031 Ball bearings oiled (4 Pcs.) 5x11x4mm
No. R18032 Ball bearings oiled (4 Pcs.) 8x16x5mm
No. R18033 Ball bearings oiled (4 Pcs.) 10x15x4mm

No. R18010 Keramic Ball bearing oiled (1 Pcs.) 5x10x4mm
No. R18011 Keramic Ball bearing oiled (1 Pcs.) 5x11x4mm
No. R18012 Keramic Ball bearing oiled (1 Pcs.) 8x16x5mm
No. R18013 Keramic Ball bearing oiled (1 Pcs.) 10x15x4

No. R18000 Keramic Balls 2,4mm (12 Pcs.)
No. R18001 Keramic Balls 3mm (12 Pcs.)

Source : Robitronic

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