Tamiya Japan – 2008 Jan New Products



Available Dec 29, 2007

* Full model change was received in 2006, the top model in Mini Cooper S became the electromotive RC car.
* M-03L of the nosewheel drive which adopts the resin make monocoque frame which as for the chassis being light weight slim, is strength, is easy to assemble.
* Double wishbone 4 wheel suspension which is superior in road-hugging, equipped lightweight upright on front and back.

Raybrick NSX 2007 (TA05-IFS Chassis)


Available Feb 2, 2008

* The ray brick NSX which showed participating already is appearance by the electromotive RC car e.g., 2 rank winning a prize is carried out with the 8th game automatic polis 2007.
* As for the chassis popular TA05-IFS which the front suspension to inboard is converted. Horizontal ranging to do damper unit almost horizontally, with the push rod and the rocker arm operation the front suspension.
* The body where the TA05-IFS private aerodynamic effect is high charm.

German Tank Destroyer Jagdpanzer (Late Version)
Full Option


Available : Dec 22, 2007

* Destroyer which was called the second next great war best Jagdpanzer appears with 1/16RC.
* Moving back and forth and left and right revolution of course up and down left and right of the gun control possibility. It reappears to the gun recoil and body reaction when shooting.
* Sound aligns to the movement of each one including the engine sound which was recorded from the actual car.
* 4ch transmitter, T-03 and MF-04 unit, 7.2V battery, charger attachment.

New Standard Parts :

  • DB01 – B Part (Bumper)
  • DB01 – Front Upright
  • DB01 – D Part (Caster Block)
  • DB01 – Rear Upright
  • DB01 – Front Suspension Arm
  • DB01 – M Part (Damper Set)
  • DB01 – Rear Suspension Arm
  • 48 pitch Spur Gears (91T)
  • DB01 – Diff Joint
  • DB01 – Front Drive Shaft
  • DB01 – Rear-Drive Shaft
  • DB01 – Dish Wheel (Front and Rear White)

New Option Parts :

  • Nitrage 5.2 – 2 speed Transmission
  • Nitrage 5.2 – Center One Way and Direct Shaft Set
  • Plated Mesh Wheel – 2 super Drift Tires (24mm +2 offset)
  • DB01 – Front one-way Pulley (37T)
  • DB01 – Titanium Screw Set

Misc :

  • TamTech Gear – Hot Shot 4wd – Spare Body Set

RC Limited Edition :

  • GB03 – Titanium Screw Set
  • TRF416 – Titanium Screw Set

Source : Tamiya

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