K Factory – New 4mm Shaft Shock Set

MP777/ST-R/7.5 / M1(for K8213) LX Rear Shock Set (4mm shaft) (2)


These extra long rear shocks are very robust and are equipped with 4mm shafts for maximum strength and durability. They are designed as a direct replacement for the Kyosho MP777 based off-road vehicles as well as an option for the Team Magic M1 buggy when using the K8213 shock tower.

These shocks are ultra smooth and feature a screw-in cassette for the lower seals as well as a specially designed shock bladder. These shocks have an enormouse volume of fluid due to the 16mm bodies. This large volume of damper fluid keeps the shocks cooler and makes them more consistent over those grueling 30 minute plus main finals.

MBX-5 / M1(for K8213) LX Low COG Rear Shock Set (4mm shaft) (2)


MBX-5 / M1 LX Low COG Front Shock Set (4mm shaft) (2)


Source : K Factory

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