Tamiya Japan – NITRAGE 5.2



An overwhelming high performance that exceeds the imagination is assembled

It is an engine racing track of 1/8 scales where displacement 5.2cc engine can be installed in the chassis that pursues making to low center of gravity, and it enjoy a high-speed running in the off-road. It composes a slim chassis of mechanism that arranges the concentration formation molding aluminum ..high rigidity.. frame excelling in the weight balance.

Reliability of running was raised e.g., the front, the shaft drive 4WD which equips the diff. in center and the rear supplies all gears inside the case, furthermore makes the diff. gear airtightness type of oil enclosure system, the aluminum make slipper – standard equips the clutch.

Moreover, four-wheel double wishbone suspension is possible a detailed setting. Big diameter black color including large-scale heat sink head and with Tamiya FR-32FX engine of light piston specification of course. It equipped it normally with the stabilizer that hardened the reception desk brake and foot surroundings that improved Stoppingpawar. The tire, the RC mechanism, and the option parts are chosen by the favor, and the assembly kit of the Big power for hand engine RC fan in free.


Basic specifications

  • – Total length =540mm
  • – the full-width =425mm
  • – total height =200mm
  • – the wheel base =365mm
  • – tread =338mm (front and back commonness)
  • – gear ratio =17.15:1 – the aluminum make slipper
  • – the clutch is squeezed equipment
  • – full bearing specification
  • – the frame material = aluminum make, formation
  • – shaft drive full-time 4WD 3 diff. constitution
  • – engine = Tamiya FR-32FX (5.2cc)
  • – the fuel tank =150cc


ITEM 41085 (GE.85)
FR-32FX aluminum heat sink head


ITEM 54003 (OP.1003)
Nitrage 5.2 – 2 speed missions


ITEM 54005 (OP.1005)
Nitrage 5.2 high accuracy aluminum rear damper stay

Source : Tamiya

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