Intellect4600 VR-1

“Intellect4600 VR-1” ship.
Intellect factories in the safety and stability of the quality improvements that have been confirmed.  Will be available in Dec 6, 2007.

Users everyone, in accordance with the instructions you exercise caution on the use of real estate like
Sincerely your patience.

Translation :

Around the “INTELLECT BATTERY” products Thank you very much for your patronage.
Now, our charge-discharge on the street below, please note about your patience.
Charging the battery charger from STAY please. The battery temperature is unusually hot, and soon it will stop charging please.
A new one or a few degrees after your batteries re-used if the charge before
Each cell voltage measurements, please. 1 V voltage of the cell, if
The cell will stop charging please.

  • 1. Delta peak charging when the cells in 0.01 V (10mV) (IB recommended is 5 mV). 7.2 V (6 cells) straight Pack 0.02 V (20mV) (IB recommendations, 0.01 V, 10mV) cut to adjust please.
  • (Adjustment is not the type of charger, battery charger manufacturers like to check please.) Charging current is 1 C (capacity 1000 mAh 1 if A)
  • 2. When the charging voltage is the single-terminal cell 1.6 V (IB’s recommendation is 1.5 V) exceeds the charge to stop soon, please.
  • 3. If you cut the discharge controlled by the voltage of 1 V set to please.
  • 4. After discharge, on the day Do not use if only the charge to keep them, please.
  • When storage capacity is 50% below please.
  • 5. To purchase a new battery when the voltage to the first check please. Before charging voltage check to be sure to please run.
  • 6. Soldering defects battery of corruption cases. Soldering is self-responsibility in a short period of time as cleanly finish please.
  • 7. Zap and other modifications are absolutely not please.
  • 8. Schlink is broken or damaged cells will stop charging please.
  • 9. After charging the battery BATTERIUOMA out please.
  • 10. Battery safe to use in order to receive the above items, please be sure to charm.

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