HB – Hayato D4 at 2007 JMRCA 1/10EP OFF-ROAD Japan National Champion


Introduce the HB D4 specification for Hayato in  2007 JMRCA 1/10EP OFF-ROAD Japan National Champion.


It is the paint of the same straw raincoat “HAYATO color” Horry Peint Works.


12 turns of Checkpoint Modified motor choice.
80/19 (the spur-gear/pinion gear) with you use gear ratio.


As for mechanic KO.
As for servo as for PDS-2413ICS and ESC VFS competition 3.


The front upper arm mount, 1mm it shaves the clamp face, normal compared to lowers and has installed.
The camber change quantity the front is made many, the front the roll makes easy and to do to the corner latter half has set up with the direction which bends securely.


Using front caster block 13 degrees


As for anti-roll bar silver (1.4mm) choice.
As for suspension block toe in 2 time, with rear hub carrier toe in modification to total 3 times of 1 time.


Normal is toe in 3 time and rear hub carrier 0 degree with suspension block, but as for the HAYATO number from the rear doing the roll, the rear has become easy to move.


Furthermore the upper arm mount the rear is modified on the one for front and the upper arm is made short.
Setup of these rear likes the car where driving style of the Matsuzaki player bends positively, inserts the throttle ahead of time and controls the sliding quantity the rear with throttle work and because it is the style which cornering it keeps doing, being something which is adjusted to that, does.


As for Ackermann spacer of steering wheel 1.0mm.
Making Ackermann strong, the thing losing where the steering wheel is caught in cornering, have tried to be able to control smoothly.

With the latest all the Japanese championships as for the Matsuzaki player front one way choice was done.
Looking back characteristic the front seems that he desires, while showing the entering which is sharp and clearing the corner keeping opening with smallest, R and the throttle ahead of time the rear slide making the form which keeps clearing the corner just aggressive itself.
With the running only of the Matsuzaki player who has preeminent machine control technology, the gaze of the gallery was gathered.

The result regrettable was 2 rank, but next year the Matsuzaki player with D4 probably is to participate!


Source : HB Buggy Blog

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