K Factory – E4 Alum. 7075 Rear Hub Carrier Set

E4 Alum. 7075 Rear Hub Carrier Set (Toe-in 1.5 degree)


These are CNC-machined rear hub carriers with 1.5 degrees of toe-in. The hub carriers have been precision machined to exact tolerances from highest quality 7075 aluminum in true K Factory style. These aluminum hub carriers are extremely tough, due to the high strength of the material chosen and the smart design, for ultimate durability in the most extreme conditions.

Even though they are very strong, the E4 Aluminum 7075 Rear Hub Carriers are very lightweight.  The strength has been achieved due to smart engineering and the use of premium material; therefore there is no significant weight penalty.

The K2104 E4 Alum. 7075 Rear Hub Carrier Set features 1.5 degrees of toe-in. This gives you more options for adjusting the rear toe-in of the E4, one of the more significant set-up options. Use this option together with the hinge pin mounts to achieve the perfect balance and rear grip. These hubs also allow you to play with outboard tow-in versus inboard toe-in – each affecting the car slightly different. 

Source : K Factory

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