Much More – Brushed Motor Series

  • Kali Modified – 10D, 11D, 13D
  • Eavan – 19T
  • Farrell – 23T – Red or Black
  • Paradox 50T (3mm core/3Hole/with Fan)


Muchmore’s motors are dyno tested and tested by world champions.  Provides high RPM and torque, Muchmore Brushed Motors are perfect choice for 1/10 scale on and off-road racers as well as the dedicated 1/12 scale racer.

Brush : Standup Brushes

Capacitors : installed

Other : Dual Ball Bearings.  (Kali & Eavan)   Color-coded brush heat sinks.  High-torque armature design creates a more intense magnetic field for quicker spool-up.   Improved brush vibration damping system.  Heavy-duty solder tabs, broader torque band, more max power, and longer comm life.



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