Tamiya Japan – PLASMA EDGE



Available in Dec 15, 2007

The BASIC 4WD buggy which conceals high performance

The road surface and lightly to run, to come out, it is the assembly kit of the electromotive radio control 4WD buggy which the big jump which become rough handle easily. It is superior in travelling stability, adopting vertical ranging motor & shaft whose also reliability is high drive 4 WD. The frame the RC mechanic and is low bathtub type of center of gravity which loads the battery for travelling onto flat wide-tread. As for suspension 4 wheel double wishbone of the oil damper attachment which is superior in shock absorptivity. It moves pliantly even in the road surface which becomes rough, high grip goes hand in hand with the pin spike tire and pulls out high traction. In addition, using the turn buckle shaft for the steering wheel tie rod, adjustment in toe angle is possible. Approximately building in the diff. gear which promises smooth cornering to the gear box. The plasma edge where checker pattern produces the speed impression in the basic color of the sky blue alumite. It is the BASIC 4WD buggy which conceals high performance.



Basic specifications

  • – Total length =400mm
  • – full-width =249mm
  • – total height =170mm
  • – the chassis material =ABS
  • – suspension = front and back is attached 4 wheel independent suspension of the double wishbone
  • – drive system =4 the wheel drive
  • – 540 type motors,
  • – tire diameter = front and back 86mm



ITEM 53664 (OP.664)
TT-01 aluminum motor heat sink


ITEM 53701 (OP.701)
DF-02 aluminum damper set

Source : Tamiya

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