XFactory – 4-Gear Transmission for X6


After three revisions of the transmission case itself, two versions of the motor plate, two versions of the shock tower, several supplier problems, and Chazz being very sick for the last week, the 4-Gear transmission and C.F. rear shock tower are finally here. Paul is returning to Nashville on Dec 10 from the JConcepts clash in Tampa and will turn the shopping cart on later that day.

The New Math is a great car, but the 4-Gear makes it so much better. In the original car, when you hit the throttle the rotational mass of the armature throws the car’s weight forward onto the front wheels. The new 4-Gear turns the motor around so now the armature throws the car’s weight back onto the rear wheels, where it belongs, and you can rip on the throttle any time you want.


On a very high grip track, like the astro at Kampanhout, Belgium, there is almost no difference – the original X – 6 is dialed. The looser the racing surface is, the more important the 4-Gear is. With a 4-Gear there is no difference in acceleration out of corners between the X – 6 and a rear motor buggy. That used to be our Achilles Heel, and the 4-Gear solves the problem.


Contains everything needed to convert your X – 6 to the new 4-Gear Transmission.

Transmission Case; Motor Plate; Extra AE idler gear, shaft, bearings; Hardware; Template to drill two new holes in your existing chassis for the motor plate support bracket.

Source : 2wdrc.com

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