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Available Dec 15, 2007

The reply which becomes new accumulation of victory led

The electromotive touring car top ended machine of Tamiya evolves more and more to the 3rd generation. In order that it exceeds TRF415 which acquires numerous title as for the concept of TRF416 which was developed optimum balance. Approximately width of the bulkhead is adjusted, optimizing the roll quality on front and back left and right e.g., layout of bis is designated as the symmetry to the utmost. By the fact that flexibility can be given in the chassis, without applying burden, be able to show the efficiency of the tire in full, actualizing the drivability which excels. Furthermore, it is the machine in order 5mm it backed up motor helicopter loading site in order to guarantee traction, raised also the size precision of each part, to win.

* On November 16 – 18th was held ‘ JMRCA electromotive touring car all the Japanese championships ‘ with, TRF416 the super expert, conquering expert both class in the Yatabe arena of Ibaraki prefecture! Intense debut win was accomplished.


Symmetrical chassis
The bulkhead as width is narrowed, adjusts the width front and back, optimizing the rigid balance of the chassis e.g., furthermore also the bis hole makes the symmetry to the utmost.


Dividing the motor mount and the bulkhead
It shortens the rear bulkhead, furthermore the bulkhead divides the motor mount and improving pitching rigidity


Adopting 1050 bearings
Using 1050 bearings inside upright. Abnormal play has been made to decrease.


The front one way (37T), as for center direct (18T), the ball diff. (37T) using the rear the pulley.


Approximately suspension maturing 415. In addition, 5mm backing up motor helicopter loading site in comparison with 415, it raised the rear load.

Basic specifications

  • – Chassis total length: 364mm (the body it is not included)
  • – full-width 188mm
  • – wheel base =258mm
  • – tread 162mm (front and back commonness)

Main equipment part

  • – Carbon Chassis 2.25mm
  • – carbon upper deck 2.0mm
  • – aluminum motor mount
  • – front and back aluminum bulkhead
  • – aluminum steering wheel arm
  • – aluminum make air duct
  • – front one way
  • – rear ball diff.
  • – aluminum diff. joint
  • – front and back pulley (38T)
  • – center pulley (18T)
  • – TRF special damper
  • – reversible suspension arm
  • – front and back upright (1050 bearing specification)
  • – front and back universal shaft
  • – front and back stabilizer
  • – aluminum turn buckle

Source : Tamiya

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