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German Tank Destroyer JAGDPANTER (Late Version) Full Operation Set


Available in Dec 22, 2007

The strongest Jagdpanzer of Germany is worked unrestrictedly

They are 1/16 scale electromotive radio control tank assembly kits of German Destroyer which was called the most excellence even in the Jagdpanzer which Germany produces in the second next great war. Heavy appearance and precise detail only of big scale of total length 605mm force. The spirit form which loads 71 aperture 8.8cm guns onto the fighting compartment which consists of the armor glass which inclines largely was modelled reality fully. In addition to moving back and forth left and right revolution, be able to control also the movement on up and down left and right of the gun, it reproduces also the gun recoil and body reaction when shooting. In addition, sound aligning to the movement of each one such as engine sound, and main gun discharge sound reality is raised. As for the kit all in one where also 7.2 V batteries and the charger etc. are attached in addition to 4 channel set. Furthermore, the battle system (selling separately) be able to install, it can enjoy also the opposition with the other 1/16RC tank.

Travelling Efficiency


Two Sets 380 motors is loaded onto the front the gear box assembly, the running which is strong with sufficient power is produced. Moving back and forth, gentle-banked turn, trust area revolution, and pivot-turn are possible by the DMD control unit T-03 which builds in the FET speed controller of 2 systems which control two motors. In addition, loading the DMD multiple function unit MF-04 which makes sound various actions align, adjusting to running from starting and idling to full opening travelling, engine sound changes.



Main gun discharge

The main gun of the long gun angle of elevation 14 degree top and bottom motion and left and right to declination angle 8 degree can control the movement of 12 degrees respectively. Furthermore, by the flash of the xenon tube with the discharge light, force overflows the discharge sound which the synchronizer. With discharge sound after the gun recoils quickly, it reproduced also the consecutive movement which returns smoothly with the gear box for the recoil which is set inside. Furthermore, the body vibrates with reaction of main gun discharge by controlling the travelling gear box. In addition, the body front machine gun discharge light aligns with intermittent discharge sound.



A German army decides the development of the heavy expulsion tank using the chassis of Panther in the summer of 1942. It is Yarctopansar that this was said one of the best land battle arms developed in World War II back. The strongest 71 caliber 8.8cm at that time is installed, and the armor thickness is 80mm in front of the body, and 50mm on the side. Inclination Tamatahageme was greatly improved, and the combat weight was pressed to 45.5 tons. The engine equips with 700 horsepower my Bach HL230P30 and demonstrates excelling and mobile power at maximum speed 55 km/h. The balance it as for thermal power, the phylactic power, and mobility became the defense arms for antitank with which it provided well. Brilliant military results were recorded in the 654th pile expulsion tank battalion of 1944 in June in the each front as eight disposed made a sortie to the beginning it as for the first mobilization by 52 with which the heavy expulsion tank battalion equipped 5 pieces in the Ardennes offensive and defeated a lot of uniting martial tanks to the Normandy war.

Using the metal part on underside such as drive sprocket and compensating wheel and suspension. In addition, with the strong resin make, assembly the caterpillar where the width which supports the gigantic figure is wide the connection. Using the metal pin to connection, it raises strength, heavy appearance it can enjoy the movement which overflows.


Rageetargril, the grill for the engine suction, and the grill for an exhaust fan cover and the indoor heater are prepared with the etching parts. High finish of the scale feeling is produced.


High accuracy it starts shaving the gun and processing of the aluminum make and the parting line is unnecessary. Sharp material feeling only the aluminum, the long gun 8.8cm gun makes the sheath precise impression be prominent strongly.

Basic specifications

– Total length 605mm, full-width 207mm, total height 167mm and gross load 3740g. – As for 71 aperture 8.8cm guns the aluminum make which is material feeling. – The main chassis and the suspension arm and the torsion bar etc. could give the metal make and sufficient strength. – Sound aligns to all movement. Especially, as for engine sound, it is something which records the beat of ヤークトパンサー and the similar type V12 engine digitally with the cooperation of the French & Soviet mule tank museum.


Connecting to DMD control unit T-03, the operation sound which it adjusts to various actions, discharge sound and discharge light of the main gun and the machine gun, furthermore the gun recoil with main gun discharge and the DMD multiple function unit MF-04 which makes body reaction align. The more reality plus is done in the model.


Each motor for gun top and bottom and gun left and right is controlled in addition to the FET speed controller of 2 systems which control two motors for travelling, the DMD control unit T-03 which loads the circuit which becomes independent. It can enjoy the control of the RC tank with the easiness which is similar to the RC car.


7.2V battery and the charger in addition to the 4ch transmitter of the stick type which is suited for the control of the tank. 

Source : Tamiya

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