XRAY Report on Thailand Buggy Party Final 2007


The Thailand Buggy Party Final 2007 match at Pattaya RC Powerboat was held November 30 – December 2 2007. It is the last nitro off-road program of 2007 to collect scores for the Thailand Championship competition. This match has 3 classes: Buggy ,Truggy (Stadium Truck) , and Monster Truck (Bigfoot). There have been score-collecting races since the beginning of the year and continuing to this race which is the 8th circuit of 2007. This match had 93 participants,classified as 55 buggies, 20 truggies, and 18 monster trucks.

Qualifying results of the Buggy class:

1. Asushi Hara
2. Surikarn Chaidajsuriya
3. Meen Vejrak (XRAY XB8EC)
4. Charlee P.
5. Panit
6. Paphon Chanyasak
7. Yuthana D.
8. Gem
9. Patchara
10. Surasak K.


In the Main-A of Buggy class, there were many famous drivers running in it, and also Atsushi Hara got TQ position and became champion of the 1-hour of race, follow by Meen V. and Charlee P.

Final results:
1. Asushi Hara
2. Meen Vejrak (XRAY XB8EC)
3. Charlee P.
4. Paphon Chanyasak
5. Panit
6. Yuthana D.
7. Surasak K.
8. Surikarn Chaidajsuriya
9. Gem
10. Patchara






Source : XRAY

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