LRP Islikon Masters 2nd Round


The second LRP Islikon Masters race was held on December 9th and was attended by around 100 drivers.

On Saturday, Ronny and Sacha Lnenicka raced the first rounds with their new XRAY T2’008 cars. The cars were running very well from the start and they made fast and constant rounds.

The qualification rounds on Sunday were perfect for Team XRAY. Sacha TQ’d and his brother Ronny came in 2nd place. Markus Geisendorf was 3rd on the grid.


For the final rounds we fully trusted the new XRAY T2’008 cars. Sacha dominated and won all three finals and Ronny was 2nd so at the end it was a double-podium finish for the XRAY T2’008.

Final results:
1. Sacha Lnenicka (T2’008)
2. Ronny Lnenicka (T2’008)

3. Markus Geisendorf
4. Sven Zünd
5. Lars Weisskopf
6. Matthias Meier
7. Patrick Vogt
8. Darko Meister
9. Khounmy Bui
10. Armando Gairing

Ronny Lnenicka Set-up sheet.


Source : XRAY

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