ABC Hobby – AC/DC Expert Charger 5A BL


  • The AC/DC expert charger restyles it.
  • The display monitor is clearer in the adoption of the liquid crystal with the backlight.
  • The electrical discharge cutting voltage was adjusted to 1.0V a cell.

Feature :

  • Rapid charger for Nicadobattere/nickel metal hydride battery.
  • Nicadobattere/nickel metal hydride battery of 1~14 cell (1.2V~16.8V) can charge/be discharged.
  • Charge control with 16bitCPU.
  • Charge, electrical discharge, and electrical discharge. Three modes of charge.
  • The inside of the main body is cooled with the cooling fan.
  • The liquid crystal display with the backlight is installed.
  • The voltage, the amount of the charge, and the peak voltage of the battery can be monitored.
  • The condition confirmation of the battery is easy.
  • It is about 60 minutes in 7.2V 2400mAh battery 2.4A charge.

The charge and the electrical discharge of an easy operation only of pushing the button begin. We will inform of the operation completion with LED and the buzzer.

It is operating. The amount of the charge (amount of the electrical discharge) and the voltage can be confirmed with the liquid crystal display after operation is completed, and the condition management of the battery is supported.

Specification :

ï½¥Input power supply : AC100V-110V 50/60Hz/DC12V 7A or more
ï½¥Charging current : 0.2A-5A(2A or less more than ten cells)
ï½¥Discharge current : 0.12A-2A(It limits and exist depending on the number of cells. )
ï½¥Correspondence battery : 75 mAh Nicadobattere/one nickel metal hydride battery cell 14 cells
or more(The attention of the high capacity battery is necessary. )
ï½¥Cutting method : Delta peak auto cutting(16 bit CPU)
ï½¥Size : W150mm x L160mmx H90mm 600g
ï½¥Accessory : Conversion connector AC input cable DC input cable for output code RX/
BEC (7.2V connector)

Source : ABC Hobby

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