ABC Hobby – DATSUN 510 BlueBird BRE Edition


‘Bul 510 of running by the maximum hit in bluebird’

‘Bluebird’ that was born in 1959 is an economy car of Nissan that develops from the Datsun sedan at prewar days. It revives by the name of ‘Blubardoshilfi’ in 2005 and the name is left as of now though the name was especially famous, long the history in the economy car of Japan, and lowered a curtain once 2001 year in the history.

In the history, 510 type bluebird (overseas name Datsun 510) that appeared in 1967 is located in the third generation. It changed radically from an unpopular design of 410 predecessor types, a triangular window was abolished, and topics were collected by the design concept that was called ‘Supersonic line’ to take a straight line and sporty line. Is installed by four wheels of taking Hats on a technological side it as for the technology of the prince car that did the absorption amalgamation at that time independence. It boasts of an efficient running that appeals for sporty design and ‘Nissan of the technology’, and 510 types become the biggest hit works in the history of the bluebird.

A stoic styling to make the rowdy and powerful felt in the straight line and a high driving performance were called, ‘Bul of running’ and became topics until the future.








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