Cyclone is Slovenian National Champion


The HB Cyclone, driven by Slovenian Dejan Sabeder, won the Slovenian national championship for 2007!

The former Slovenian and Croatian national champion in 2006 manage to retain the title from 2006 and after second place in last race for the year, he made 108 points and a lead of 36 points from the second one. The lead confirms for us the quality of the HB Cyclone.


The Slovenian Championship consist of 4 races from April till October. All four races count for the national champion. In Slovenian championship 2007 was allowed everything. From LiPo cells, Brushless motors, any kind of tires. The only thing what is prohibited is the weight, which must be 1523g, the body must be touring car and max. 200mm, tires must be 26mm. Therefore it is very hard to compete with cars which use 7 cells and foam tires… Dejan Sabeder used the normall LRP TC Speedo with 3.5 turn LRP brushlees motor. He used LRP VTEC 4200 mAh HV2 Factory team cells. With this equipment he managed to win two times and be two times second. Together that brought him to the 36 points lead and to the old and new National champion.


First race for Slovenian Championship held in Tolmin, Slovenia, was on 15th of April 2007. Dejan took the lead in qualification and the manage to win first two finals and although he didnt finished the third final, he took the first place overall.

Second race for Slovenian championship was in Zagreb, Croatia, where Dejan was second overall, but because the local driver Roman Stefanko didnt have Slovenian national licence, Dejan won all the point for the first place. Dejan had a lot of problems with frequence interference, so he manage in last qualifikation to get in A final on 4 place overall. But in finals he shows the quality and he won in first final and the manage to get on second place in other two finals which place him on overall first place for Slovenian championship.


Here was Deajn after perfect qualification on first place, but in the finals came the same problems with frequency! After hard fight with interference, he manage to get the third on the end. But because the first driver didn’t have Slovenian licence, Dejan took second place overall.


So in the last race for the season, Dejan need 14 place to get Slovenian Championship. In this time Dejan change the Frequency form Fm to DSM, to prevent any posibilities to loose because of the material. After qualification Dejan was secure on the third place and so he was alredy Slovenian Champion! But in finals he shows that he could be better. In first finals was he second. In second final was he first and in third final he manage to get on second place, what give him overall second place and so new and old Slovenian Champion 2007!


Source : HB

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