HB – New Moore-Speed Body C-Class and Alfa 159 Preview


Check it out! Arriving in 2008 are two all-new bodyshells that you won’t be able to get anywhere else!

The totally new Moore-speed shells are the C-Class and the Alfa 159 – models you won’t find from any other manufacturer.


The C-Class bodyshell features fantastic all-around downforce for a solid performance at all tracks. It’s suitable for all racers and tuned for low-drag, high downforce aerodynamics. It’s been track-tested for balanced front to rear feel and is great for all types of racing.

The Alfa 159 bodyshell gives you increased steering performance for enhanced turning, especially on high-grip surfaces. This shell is perfect for racers looking out for maximum force and aggressive steering! The 159 has also been track-tested to make sure that this is what today’s touring car racers want.

Both bodyshells have all the standard features of every Moore-speed bodyshell: crystal-clear polycarbonate plastic, clear overspray film, realistic vinyl decals, clearly marked cut lines, high-downforce rear wings, cleverly moulded aerodynamic tweaks and IFMAR-standard markings. One glance at the body will tell that much care has gone into the preparation and crafting of each body mould.

The designs, production and track-testing is done entirely ‘in-house’ by the Moore-speed team, which is dedicated to professionalism and high standards.

Source : HB

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