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Available : Dec 22, 2007

In TamTech Gear new 4WD legend

The hot shot which is born as a Tamiya first 4WD racing buggy became TamTech Gear. As for chassis GB-03 of shaft drive 4WD. Especially, the front which equips the stabilizer you operate the mono shock which horizontal ranging is done with link, following the image of the hot shot. In addition, it finished also the damper and upright front and back with the lead color in addition to the body cowl and the rear wing of polycarbonate make. Of course you set also the transmitter, the battery and the charger for travelling in addition to the completion body of the RC mechanic loading being completed. Continual travelling of approximately 25 parts is possible with the battery of attachment.

GB-03 chassis adoption of shaft drive 4WD

The 4WD buggy chassis which condenses the real mechanic to compact A4 size, adopting GB-03. Power of the motor which is loaded onto the rear end the slipper – through the clutch, is conveyed by the pinion type diff. the rear, furthermore driving the propeller shaft of the resin make. Passing the bevel gear, and the counter gear of the propeller shaft point, it conveys power to the pinion diff. the front. In addition, using the universal shaft on front and back, it raised the reliability of running. Underside double wishbone 4 wheel independence. The weight balance where by the frame steering wheel servo, the receiver, the battery, and the speed controller for travelling left and right are loaded symmetrically low from before, are superior center of gravity conversion was actualized low.


Basic specifications

– Total length =310mm
– full-width =182mm
– wheel base =189mm
– with battery of attachment approximately 25 minute travelling possibilities (at the time of usual travelling full charge)
– tread =F/R 155mm
– tire width/diameter =FR 26/64mm
– frame = strengthening resin make monocoque type frame
– drive system = horizontal ranging motor shaft drive 4 WD
– diff. gear = front and back pinion type diff.
– steering wheel =3 divided tie rod system
– suspension = front and back double wishbone
– gear ratio =10.86:1
– motor =RK370 type
– speed controller =ESC specification


* Front suspension
Double wishbone suspension of horizontal ranging mono shock damper equipment. Of course equipping also the stabilizer, it raises road-hugging.


* Pinion diff.
Approximately building in the pinion diff. to the body. The light weight compact, furthermore it is superior even in drive efficiency in comparison with the bevel diff..


* Propeller shaft
Using Pro bearing for center, the resin make propeller shaft which held down blurring.

Source : Tamiya

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