H.A.R.D. – 6v 1500mah NiMH Flat Receiver Pack


Features :

  • Long run time
  • High quality wire and connector

Spec :

  • Ideal for use in most cars
  • Universal type connector

As you know, HARD is not yet among the famous battery brands at the market, but we do something that these famous brands don’t do. Each HARD receiver battery pack is examined by this industry’s highest standard Competition Electronics Turbo 35 GFX charger to make sure that each pack can generate the best performance. In addition to the unique test procedure, there are many special features applied on these packs as well. Let’s check how best these TM receiver battery packs are.

Long run time

Compared with the traditional 600mAh receiver battery pack, this 6v 1500mAh pack offers at least 133% more run time for you at a light weight. Although recent digital servos tend to draw more power than before, with this capacity, it’s no problem to run the pack in a long 60 minutes final or even longer. To make sure each TM receiver battery pack can meet the demand, we do use Competition Electronics Turbo 35 GFX to examine each pack. Several days are required to check every pack because the pack needs to go through several testing stages. It’s not an easy task to run this procedure, but it does help us to offer the best receiver battery pack at the market.

High quality wire and connector

To make the HARD receiver battery pack the most reliable pack at the market, we choose the best battery cell, wire and connector to build the pack. The wire we use is Grey/Orange extra-soft 20 gauge wire. The wire is thicker and softer than the one used on other brands. Also, we also have the metal plug gold plated to have the best efficiency. Universal type of connector is used on the pack. It’s no problem to use the connector on the new Futaba, KO and Sanwa (Airtronics) receivers. To suit the Sanwa (Airtronics) receiver, our connector also has special edges for easy installation. Fine wire, plug and connector are not large items, but you can easily find out that we are doing our best to make every part as perfect as possible.

When you get HARD receiver battery packs, you can easily see our intention to make them as good as possible. Though they are not as expensive as matched batteries used on electric cars, we do treat as important as matched batteries. They are very important for gas car racers when in competition. Performance and reliability are what we try to support you.

Usage: We suggest that 1A charge current can be used to charge the receiver battery pack. When the battery is new, it may take few times usage to reach the best capacity and performance. Please always have the battery charged when you plan to store it for a long time.

Source : H.A.R.D. Racing

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