H.A.R.D. – 7.2v 3300mah NiMH Stick Pack


Features :

  • Extra Duration & Voltage
  • Reliable

Spec :

  • Fits Various of EP Cars & Starter Boxes

The H.A.R.D. 7.2v 4200mah NiMH Stick Pack uses the latest high quality 4200mah NiMH cells for extreme duration, voltage and reliability. These batteries have been thoroughly tested by H.A.R.D. to produce the ultimate stick pack battery.

The H.A.R.D. 7.2v 4200mah NiMH Stick Pack comes built with high quality silicone wire and the industry standard plug. The Stick Pack battery is finished in H.A.R.D.’s trademark colours; black, silver and green.

H.A.R.D. 7.2v 4200mah NiMH Stick Pack’s is the perfect battery for club racing, spec racing or even for your starter box. Just make sure you’re prepared for the extended run time and improved power!

Source : H.A.R.D. Racing

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