Kyosho – 2.4 GHz KT-18 Transmitter


Ergonomics (human engineering) design that draws out performance of 2.4GHz. Advanced design that can use function of average Haiendopropo stylish.

The band that has become empty is chosen only by switching on, and it is unnecessary of the band waiting and the band confirmation and having achieved it KT-18 Propo as for 40 running or less simultaneously. it is possible to run and unnecessary CrystalThe processing speed at the successive velocity is demonstrated by the combination with 2.4GHz minutes racer’s chassis, and an overwhelming response is offered. Use is also easy fairly. Easiness only of doing “Pairing” that registers transmitter in chassis when the first using it. Because most “Pairing” is automatic operations, it completes it according to a little procedure. The design based on the human engineering achieved a driving style that the finger twines around nature and the wheel according to grip shape that grasped easily and a strange curved surface composition of each part to exceed. In addition, they are four AAA batteries and a light, compact specifications of OK according to the power saving design. It is not allowed to feel, and optimized center of gravity position and aspect are waited for and a light drive is possible. the possession weight for a long time even if it is drivingThe convenience that equals a high-end class is achieved on the function side. An end point individual adjustment of the throttle and a right and left, single adjustment of the amount of the rudder corner were enabled, and it equipped it with the enhancing terminal to expect the future development. Moreover, it is possible to control 2.4GHz two or more minutes by registering one transmitter in two or more chassis. The convenience when purchase of the chassis increases was considered, and Proposhistem in a new age is ASF 2.4GHz “Parfeccs KT-18 exactly. “

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