Kyosho – Porsche 962 C LH

ASF 2.4GHz MINI-Z Racer MR-02LM

  • Porsche 962 C
  • Porsche 962 C LH No.10 ’86 LeMans Version


Run 40 Cars simultaneously…. Kyosho introduce the all new AST 2.4 GHz Mini-Z Racer MR-02LM


The frequency that has become empty is automatically chosen, and 40 running or less simultaneously is also possible. newly developed Propo of 2.4GHz unnecessary Crystal itIt can enjoy a steady control without interference only by switching on. In addition, the signal conditioning of the successive velocity class was achieved, and a direct feeling where driver’s will was instantaneously transmitted realized driving that overflowed. Moreover, 2.4GHz two or more minutes can be controlled with one transmitter in doing the transmitter in the chassis and the pairing. The LM chassis by which the chassis also improved the performance according to a new age is developed. A length and wheelbase chassis of 3L size are also low as much as 5.5mm, set the position equipped with the motor (compared with in the case of the MM motor), and, in addition, execute right and left the center making at the motor mount position. Additionally, Stabiriti has been greatly improved by adopting the small diameter wheel and the new design knuckle in the reception desk, lowering height by 1mm, and equipping normally the friction damper. In addition, making the FET amplifier a large capacity was included, and a further polish was put on a movement, an acceleration performance, and a maximum speed performance. It changes by using the I.C.S function moreover in the drive frequency of the feeling ..the throttle rolling (inertia) when it is off.., the operation setting of the steering wheel servo, and the amplifier, and it can enjoy the setting thoroughly. The combination with 2.4GHz transmitter “Parfeccs KT-18” of another purchase achieved the successive velocity minutes racer who exceeded minutes.

Source : Kyosho

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