Yokomo – Aluminum Front Chassis Brace for Drift Package


While raising the pitching rigidity of the chassis front section substantially, it is the front chassis brace which leaves the suppleness of roll direction. While by the fact that balance of chassis rigidity is changed, increasing cornering early steering wheel responsiveness, you pull out the sense of security with the pliant roll. Of course ideal, the eye which the chassis was seen with the vivid blue alumite changes substantially as a dress rise item. As for the screw for installation please use those which have belonged to the kit. Clearance of the steering wheel crank a little becomes large, but there is no hindrance in travelling. If the spacer shim of 4.0mm (ZC-S40 – 380) 0.5mm thick extent you can put the one where being shaky becomes matter of concern, being to cancel, please try. In addition the aluminum steering wheel bell crank post of another sale option (SD-202P – 550) with installation rigidity of the post increases by the fact that it jointly uses, can expect also further steering wheel response improvement.


Source : Yokomo

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