Yokomo – Drift Master Limited Edition


The option part which is added

  • Front ball diff.
  • center one way
  • aluminum rear solid axle
  • Aluminum suspension mount front and back
  • stabilizer front and back
  • bumper weight set
  • aluminum joint sleeve
  • aluminum make special battery post
  • special carbon battery plate
  • multiple body post
  • titanium turn buckle set
  • titanium bis set


High-end drift machine “DRIFT MASTER” that has gripped top drivers’ minds in driving system with few marvelous low center of gravity and frictionsThe flagship “DRIFT MASTER Limited Edition” equipped with the option to correspond to the latest RC drift scene will be polished the potential further, and appear.

While maintaining aggressive steering wheel quality, the combination of the front ball diff. and center one way which raise the sense of security, also the rear solid axle makes the aluminum make of high accuracy, tune of drive type is thorough. The underside is supported with the aluminum suspension arm mount, equips severe setting and the possible front and back stabilizer. Light weight conversion with the titanium turn buckle and titanium bis and the like, even in addition the carbon battery plate, equipping the option which raises, running such as multiple body post and bumper weight abundantly, everything of the know-how which answers the request of the top expert is poured.






Source : Yokomo

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