XRAY – Report from Badlands Challange Rnd 2


Round 2 of the CML Badlands Challenge was held on December 16th. With four weeks’ of hard grafting by the DRT track crew since the last event (and a dry week prior to the event) the track was is top-notch condition. With re-profiled jumps & rhythm sections the surface was excellent for a dirt track in the middle of winter. It was a good turn by 70 racers, with some top UK racers making qualifying tight.


A frosty start to the day made the grip level very low but a steady run in round 1 put me in 3rd place.
I made a few adjustments for round 2 to get more rear grip. I found a better pace but playing it safe in the jumps cost my overall time. With a final adjustment in round 3 I was well on TQ pace but an error put me back to 3rd in the round and 4th on the grid for the A final.


Throughout the lower finals the track began to break up & became rough but more fun and challenging. The 20min main started but a stone jammed up my rear wheel which put me to the back of the field. By the 10min mark I was up into 3rd and was battling with 1st & 2nd. By the 15min mark the track had broken up and became very tricky, and so an unlucky bounce required me to be marshaled. By then the gap was too great to overcome so I finished 3rd overall… BUT… I’m still leading the Badlands series.

A. Final (Rally Cross)
1 Tommy Chung
2 Sam Taylor
3 Brenn Ralls XRAY XB8EC
4 Tony Bolwell
5 Matt Reuben
6 Simon Dudman XRAY XB8
7 Reece Ashby
8 Bob Ryan
9 Clayton Collins
10 Scott Michael
11 Janos Nagy
12 Mike Cradock

Thanks very much to my sponsors XRAY, HUDY, CML, Mirage, Amerang, Proline & O’Donnell.

Brenn Ralls


Brenn Ralls Set-up sheet.

Source : XRAY

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