HPI – RC Cars DVD Version 3


The latest version of the HPI RC Cars DVD features all the latest HPI car and truck videos, step-by-step starting instructions and awesome fast-paced action footage!

With the latest HPI radio controlled kits, this is one DVD you won’t be able to stop watching! From desert racing footage of the Baja 5B to the wheelie-poppin’ action of the Wheely King, our latest video collection covers the entire range of HPI kits!

Want to see HPI monster trucks in action? We’ve got you covered – the Savage X, Savage X 4.6 and the Savage X SS all have their star moments!

Fulfull your need for off-road speed with footage of the Hellfire, Firestorm, Baja and more! The E-Savage also puts in an appearance, showing off its versatility and toughness!

With nonstop action, fantastic top-speed action, big air stunts and more, this is the RC DVD of the year!

Source : HPI

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