K Factory – E4 Alum. Rear Hinge Pin Mount


E4 Alum. Rear Rear Hinge Pin Mount (Toe-in 1 & 2)

To give you further options for setting up your Team Magic E4 touring car, K Factory now presents the K2106 E4 Alum. Rear Rear Hinge Pin Mount (Toe-in 1 & 2).

This part gives you the option of 1 or 2 degrees of inboard toe-in, depending on which way you place the plastic insert. Together with the K2104 E4 Alum. 7075 Rear Hub Carrier Set, this E4 Alum. Rear Rear Hinge Pin Mount allows you to tailor the rear traction of your E4 to any circuit or condition.

The hinge pin mount is CNC-machined from high quality 7075 aluminum with superb precision. The hinge pin mount comes with the K Factory logo proudly etched to the aluminum surface. It will match the rest of the E4 perfectly, for the best possible looks and performance.

Source : K Factory

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