KO Propo – 2.4 GHz SS System

24gsssystem.jpg 24gss_system2.jpg

Attention is attracted as the system for new RC, ISM band 2.4GHz. The convenience of crystal unnecessary attracts attention. With KO which produces the regular use machine of the numerous world champion, the convenience above, pursuing the system because good quality of reliability and the response which it is essential to race/lace is actualized, it advanced development.

The system which can utilize the advantage with actually racing field.
Being to be there it does the answering which KO seeks.
Presently, the severe last test and related procedure the under way. Module of errand and the receiver just is exchanged calls OK, you use and the new generation pure race/lace oriented system which can utilize the regular use machine which is accustomed appears, in the near future. Please expect.

Source : KO Propo

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