Yokomo – YZ-633SP Charger


AC battery charger for Nicad and nickel metal hydride battery 

It is a charger that can use it at ease in an easy setting and the multiple safety circuit only of the tie of the battery.
It is appearance of a simple, rapid charger corresponding to sub C Nicad nickel hydrogen straight packing battery for RC. Safety design of recommendation in various safety circuits. the first and middle person make AC100V of domestic outlet power supply.  It is safe and surely charges with the battery with the sensor of the temperature of the battery, the charge timer, and the large current prevention circuit, etc. though it charges by state-of-the-art delta peak perception. Necessity not is in troublesome charge setting etc. , and either charge beginning only of connection of battery. If it is 7.2V1400~3300mAh corresponding battery, the charge will be completed in about 30~71 minute. The price is very reasonable, and a fit item in the person who wants to enjoy R/C readily.

  • – SUB-C type straight packing nickel hydrogen & nickel-cadmium battery 7.2V 1400mAh~3300mAh(including tax)
  • – Delta peak
  • – Sensor of temperature of battery(55~60℃ setting)
  • – Charge timer(setting for 71 minutes)
  • – Large current prevention circuit(3.5A setting)

Source : Yokomo

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