Team Azarashi – BRAVO Wing Set


BRAVO Wing Set for 1/10 Off-Road Buggy, will release Mid Jan, 2008

The new Team AZARASHI “AZ-0016 Bravo Wing Set” is finally releasedafter 7 months
of development. This set includes a newly designed rear wing and 4WD front spoiler.

The wing
This generates more moderate down-force than our existing Azarashi Wing.
It realizes the great controllability under severe situations such as jumpings and cornerings.
Of course, this new wing takes over the merits from existing AZARASHI wing,
such as “hard to crack” and “hard to contact to the tires.”


The front spoiler
By mounting on the front shock tower of a 4WD buggy,
this avoids turbulent air flow and taps the best aerodynamic potential of the body.
It effectively works under any terrains and situations.
For example, it reduces understeerings in high-speed corners, strengthens response
in low-speed corners, heightens controllability in jumping, and so on.
The great performance of this spoiler was proven on the 2007 Japanese Championship.

Source : Team Azarashi

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