HB – Cyclone D4 World Championship Edition Kit


The further potential to forge with world championship. Cyclone D4 “world championship edition”

Since debutting, the cyclone D4 which continues participating with many Bick races accomplished further evolution. Encounter is thrown you adopt the numerous new part which with 2007 IFMAR world championship, maneuverability and durability rapid improvement. The preponderant potential which does not allow to come near other things was designated as the hand.



Also Release Cyclone D4 Option Parts

Large Front Bumper


The large front bumper prevents the damage of the front suspension brace. It lowers the down fourth the rear by the fact that installation position of the wing is lowered, makes the attitude when jumping stabilize.

Aluminum Rear Hub (0 Degree)


The aluminum which actualizes substantial durability rise it starts shaving, the aluminum rear hub (0 degrees).

Aluminum Front Hub Carrier (13 Degree) 


The aluminum which actualizes substantial durability rise it starts shaving, the aluminum front hub carrier (13 degrees). Corner ring first stage becomes mild and becomes calm maneuverability. In addition, it bends at from the corner latter half, (after to bend) it becomes specially made.

Ball Stud 4.3×10.3mm (8 pcs) 


Ball Stud 4.3x13mm (8 pcs)


Special coat アルミスレデットショック (56-76mm/2pcs/ front)


Special coat アルミスレデットショック (64-91mm/2pcs/ rear)


It administers special coat, actualizing smoother operation. In addition the operation which is stabilized can be obtained by from the fact that the shock cap is made one piece type. In 2007 IFMAR electromotive 1/10 off load car world championship 2WD classes, the Team HB Matsuzaki Hayato player who drives Team Associated RC10B4 which installs this special coat アルミスレデットショックセット won. For /61586 rear for 61585 front

Adjustable Slipper – Clutch Set 


The slipper – while adjustment of the clutch on-board onto the chassis it becomes possible, shortens the setting time at the time of race/lace substantially. The slipper the front/the rear – becoming independent according to circumstance, it protects drive system powerfully by the fact that it operates.

Front stubby finished product set


The stubby bar of wire diameter 1mm, the part which is necessary, for front stubby installing such as suspension arm and large front bumper of new model the front stubby finished product sets for all bundled cyclone D4 which are done. It is effective as a setting part e.g., in the road surface where the gap is large you install on the rear.

Source : HPI

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