HPI – New Cyclone Option Parts

Main Chassis (Hard/3.6mm)


The 3.6mm thick main chassis which is optimum to high grip road surface indoor course and carpet course. When it inverts with the normal chassis with the high side and the like, it is effective. Battery tray attachment.

Chassis post ATC (adjustable torsion control)


Gives the damper mechanism, setting of the chassis roll became possible in the chassis post. The adjustment which is adjusted to travelling circumstance by the fact that type of O ring is modified is possible. In addition also it is possible to use the aluminum color, to make direct. * The #61285, #61286, #61289 is other way necessary.

Upper deck  (Hard /2.5mm)


Actualizing the rigid rise of the chassis by the fact that it makes 2.5mm thick

Front Plate (Optimized for Carpet Race) 


Solid middle deck


It makes 2.5mm thick, normal compared to rigidity the rear improves, rear traction improves.

Source : HPI

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