Yokomo – X4600IB Battery


“X4600 IB” of Yokomo is a special commodity that examines closely of the raw material, researches and develops, and accomplished the stabilization of a further large capacity, a high voltage, and the product by the product inspection.

  •  Yokomo X4600 IB battery will ship the battery (cell) with which it charged by about 70% after the cross-check of the voltage of all goods is done from the manufacturing manufacturer after it arrives to Yokomo, and the condition is tuned.
  •  To improve the accuracy of the quality control more, the X4600 IB battery will describe, and ..each cell.. manage the manufacturing lot number newly.
  •  Please check the voltage with the tester etc. by one cell before putting solder to the cell even if it is troublesome if you buy it.
    The cell of 0 volts that doesn’t go out the voltage doesn’t use it by any chance, and please hurry up and contact our company. ( An emergency 0 volt cell makes it exchange free of charge. However, please note, and acknowledge not exchanging it free of charge for the thing to have put solder to the cell. )
  • Please go in the X4600 IB battery charging that undertakes use by the current value about 4A.
  • Please first discharge electricity for keeping after it uses it, and charge it again by about 4A. Please put in battery case etc. (YB-BC6) with the Yokomo sale for the scariest, short, dangerous evasion after confirming the thing that the temperature of the battery is cooled after the charge is completed and keep it. It is not dangerous, and never put the inventory location on the vicinity where combustible things exist in the place and surroundings where moisture, the water getting wet, and the temperature rise, please.
  • About the maintenance of the battery
    The battery that is not use has the fall of the voltage because of self-discharge and taking years off one’s life by keeping a long term. Please keep it after regularly charging by the electrical discharge and about 4A repeated regardless of the presence used and confirming safety.

Source : Yokomo

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